Drivers & Fleets

Wrap your car or trucks

to raise awareness and funds for a cause that matters to you

Colleges & Universities

Wrap your vehicles

to support local charities and drive up donations


Imagine biking 3000 miles across 12 states in just 9 days – completely blind.

Here’s your chance join us in supporting Team Sea to See as they Race Across America.

Wrap for Your Cause

Our goal is to help people create a memorable, viral campaign that raises awareness and funds for the causes that matter most to them. That’s why our revolutionary new program lets universities use their campus vans and buses cars and drivers use their cars as mobile billboards to support a wide range of charities. We do this by having “wraps” professionally applied to vehicles – essentially large decals – so you can wrap for what matters most to you.

Drivers & Fleets

Raise money and awareness for your favorite local or national charity every time you drive down the street.

Universities & Colleges

Create new opportunities for donor engagement while also raising funds for school programs and the charities your university supports.

Corporate Sponsors

Leverage the power of a disruptive, viral media campaign that serves as a moving billboard to demonstrate your commitment to the community.

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” This is an unique opportunity for socially responsible corporate citizens to pay it forward and demonstrate their support for causes in their community and nationally. I wrap for giving back…join the “Cause!” “

Walter J . Scherr

An Award winning Author, Walter was a founding board member and executive officer of four international companies and chairman of three charitable foundations. To learn more, visit http://waltersway.org

” I am so thrilled by the idea of a company that allows people to raise awareness for charities and donations by driving through our own streets. This is a simple, clever, and effective way to advertise and grow your cause in the ever changing world that we live in today. A great opportunity for anyone interested in helping others. “

Josh Deutsch

Singer/Songwriter of Ars Nova, Caretaker, Personal Trainer, and recent SUNY Purchase Graduate