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university vehicles

Why Wrap University Vehicles?

Wrap university vehicles to support charitable organizations and causes as well as raise funds for important school programs.

Our mission is to help colleges and universities create a memorable, viral mobile billboard campaign that:

• Raises awareness for a wide range of local and national charities
• Increases financial contributions and donations to charities
• Gives you a new path to donor engagement and supporting university programs

How It Works

• Initially, wrap a number of campus buses/vehicles
• Each vehicle wrap is underwritten by a corporate sponsor for a flat fee
• Each wrap will also carry the wrapforacause.org URL as well as a tagline such as “Fueled by Merrill Lynch” (for example)
• Each wrap will promote a cause that supports the College’s/University’s mission to raise funds for specific programs as well as Wrap’s selected charitable organizations
• Corporate sponsorships will be split between the College/University and Wrap for a Cause, with Wrap donating 10% of net proceeds to a complementary cause