Why Sponsor

Sponsors: Drive Change

By being a Wrap for a Cause sponsor, you can leverage a disruptive, viral media campaign that brings awareness to your company’s charitable and community commitment.

The equivalent of a moving billboard, you can participate in our College and University program and/or our Individual Driver program.

Colleges and University Program

  • Colleges and universities wrap their campus vans and buses to support on- and off-campus causes
  • Your sponsorship covers the cost of the wrap as well as donations to the university and named charities, which are based on a percentage of your contribution
  • In return, you get access to undergraduate and graduate students on campus and the opportunity to develop supplementary on-campus programs during the Wrap for a Cause campaign

Individual Driver Program

  • Individual drivers sign up to wrap their cars to support causes that matter most to them
  • Your sponsorship covers the cost of the wrap and donations made to charities, which are based on the number of miles covered by each driver
  • In return, you’ll potentially have access to 1.8 million drivers in the New York Tri-State area for a fraction of the cost of traditional billboards and radio time

Join our sponsors and Wrap for a Cause. Contact us today to start a conversation.